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Order your copy today

Hillary Clinton  in Akron for Obama
Hillary Clinton spoke to a capacity crowd on 9/14/08 at Akron's Ellet High School.
     DVD's of the entire rally are available for a limited time only.
Michelle Obama in Akron
Michelle Obama spoke to over 3,000 people at Akron's Buchtel
High School on 10/31/08.
       DVD's of the entire rally are available for a limited time only.



Election 2008 will go down in the history books and FreedomJournal.Tv has been recording it.  Ohio was a key state on Obama's historic road to the White House.

Order your copies today of FreedomJournal.Tv's exclusive extensive coverage of Election 2008. Videotapes and DVD are available of the local Democratic rallies for Presidental candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Orders can be picked at FreedomJournal.Tv or mailed.

ANY 2 DVD's or VHS FOR $25 PLUS $2 POSTAGE------




City_______________ State________ Zipcode_______________Phone ________________

Michelle Obama rally @Akron's Buchtel High School 10/24/08

-----------DVD $15 plus $2 postage

______VHS $15 plus $2 postage


Hillary Clinton rally @ Akron's Ellet High School 9/14/08

---------DVD $15 plus $2 postage

_____VHS $15 plus $2 postage


Obama Acceptance Watch Party Akron Ohio 8/28/08

--------DVD $15 plus $2 postage

--------VHS $15 plus $2 postage

Barack Obama rally in Youngstown 2/18/08 @ YSU

________DVD $15 + $2 postage

________VHS $15 + $2 postage

Barack Obama rally in Akron 2/23/08 @ the John S. Knight Center

_________DVD $15 +$2 postage

_________VHS $15 + $2 postage

Hillary Clinton rally in Lydhurst on 2/15/08 @ Brush High School

_________DVD $15 +$2 postage

_________VHS $15 +$2 postage

Clinton/Obama set (includes your choice of  any 2 rallies)

_________ 2 DVD set $25 +$2 postage

__________2VHS set $25 +$2 postage

Total amount enclosed $__________

Please return to FreedomJournal.Tv

704 Copley Road

Akron OH 44320









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