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The Black Media in Akron Ohio. Interview with

Help preserve Public Access Tv Programming Across the Nation

                           Voice Your Support For The
                           "Community Access Preservation Act" (The CAP Act)
                           In 2007 many States, including Ohio, passed laws that have severely damaged
                           Public, Educational and Government access channels around the nation. Upon
                           seeing the effects of these statewide franchises numerous United States
                           Congressmen are supporting the idea of the federal government investigating
                           and changing the damage that has been done.
                           DATV needs your help to let Congress know that PEG access is important to
                           you and that you wish the Federal government to pass laws that will help
                           preserve access channels in your community.
                           We urge you to contact you United States Representatives and Senators and
                           tell them that you want them to support the "CAP Act" that has been
                           introduced to Congress by Wisconsin Congresswomen Tammy Baldwin.
                           The "CAP Act" as introduced would;
                           Allow PEG fees to be used for any PEG-related purposes; Require PEG
                           channels to be carried in the same manner as local broadcast channels;
                           Require the FCC to study the effect state video franchise laws have had on
                           PEG channels, and require operators to provide the greater of the support
                           required under state laws, or the support historically provided for PEG;
                           Make cable television-related laws and regulations applicable to all
                           landline video providers.
                           Although the Bill, supported by the Alliance For Community Media (
                  ), in its current form does not solve all
                           problems associated with the preservation of PEG Access, it is a welcome
                           move in the right direction and if enacted would greatly enhance the
                           viability of existing PEG Access Channels.
                           For a list of your U.S. Representatives Click Here!
                           For more information on the CAP Act, what it is and how you can help get it
                           passed, visit the Alliance for Community Media site at
                           Thank you for your support!
FreedomJournal.Tv Partners with Kent State Truth Tribunal
Chic Canfora, survivor of the May 4, 1970 massacre at Kent State University, speaks about the corporate ownership of Congress and urges students to mobilize for affordable health care and education and to stand in solidarity with the underprivileged people of the world!
FreedomJournal.Tv Partners with Democracy Now
FreedomJournal.Tv was pleased to be able to assist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now with a recent show focusing on the May 4, 1970 shootings at Kent State. Four Kent State Students were shot and killed by the National Guard during a protest against the Vietnam War. Amy Goodman interviewed Alan Canfora (one of the nine students who were shot by National Guardsmen) and his sister Chic Canfora ( who was an eyewitness of the May 4, 1970 shootings). FreedomJournal.Tv videotaped the interviews while Chic Canfora escorted Amy Goodman around the campus.
Watch the show now
FreedomJournal.Tv has partnered with several organizations in regard to the recent Supreme Court decision that extended Constitutional Rights to corporations.
Petitions are being circulated online to ammend the decision.
FREE bumper stickers are available.
For full details  on the movement to impeach the Supreme Court click on the above text.
View some excellent videos on corporate personhood.

Corporations are not the people

FreedomJournal.Tv partners with ANSWER against wars in Iraq & Afganistan
FreedomJournal.Tv once again is proud to be a supporter of the ANSWER protest against the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. There will be a protest  in DC on March 20, 2010. Organizers have buses coming from across the nation. In additional, countless local rallies are planned across the nation. For full details visit answer/
For information regarding buses go to DC from northeastern Ohio visit
FreedomJournal.Tv partners with White House Press Pool
FreedomJournal.Tv attended President Obama's Town Hall meeting on Health Care reform  7/ 23/09 , in Shaker Hts. Only 1600 people were granted tickets to attend this event. Video of the entire event will be seen on
 Time Warner cable channel 15 in Wadsworth and Warren; also on Time Warner cable channel 9 in Youngstown.
DVD's of the entire event are available for $15(including shipping).
Checks or money orders payable to:
704 Copley Road 
Akron OH 444320
FreedomJournal.Tv partners with Atlanta Video Producer
Following Joe Wilson's recent outburst in Congress, Former President Jimmy Carter recently said that there is a racist attutide in  Congress against President Barack Obama.
Video of the entire speech are available by contacting
_____________________________________________________________________ Partners with Perkins Communications
Perkins Communications of Youngstown Ohio has successfully restored PEG(public access Tv programming) to Time Warner Cable subscribers in Trumbull county(Warren, Niles and surrounding areas) on channel 15 and Mahoning county(Youngstown) on channel 9.
FreedomJournal.Tv returned to the airwaves August 21, 2009 @ 10am
Visit for program guide.
Residents of Trumbull and Mahoning counties can submit programming. Visit  for submission details.
FreedomJournal.Tv Partners with ACLU
FreedomJournal.Tv is pleased to announce that we have partnered once again  with the ACLU of Cleveland 's Brown Bag Series. This summer series of presentations is available on Time Warner cable's public access channel 15 in Youngstown, channel 9 in Trumbull county(Warren/Niles area), at
FreedomJournal.Tv Partners with FreePress to Preserve Net Neutrality

Free Press launched Astroturf: Exposing the Fake Grassroots -- an interactive online tool that reveals the money behind front groups like Americans for Prosperity, the Heartland Institute and Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks:

Check out 'Astroturf: Exposing the Fake Grassroots'

Mighty phone and cable companies have controlled Internet policy in Washington for years. They set up astroturf groups and launch deceptive "consumer" Web sites to fool politicians and the media into thinking that everyday people support their harmful policy positions.

It's time to set the record straight. Free Press has pulled together the Coalition, which now represents more than 800 groups, from the Christian Coalition to and the SEIU to the American Library Association. More than 1.5 million activists -- from all walks of life and across the political spectrum -- have signed our petition in support of Net Neutrality.

Help us pull back the curtain on astroturf and tell people the truth about Net Neutrality.

Expose the Shills and Front Groups

We need everyone -- including the media and members of Congress -- to learn about these phony front groups. You can forward the widget to your friends, and we've made it easy to post it on your own Web site or blog.

Thanks for your help!

Timothy Karr

Public Programming Eliminated In Akron and Surrounding Communities
As a result of SB 117, Ohio's video franchising agreement, Time Warner cable is no longer required to provide PEG programming once the local franchise agreements expire. Time Warner stopped accepting all programming from the public in Akron, Canton, Youngstown and surrounding communities. PEG programming will continue in Wadsworth, Macedonia, Hudson and other communities that control their own PEG channels.
The City of Akron plans to replace Public programming with a text video slide show with city information. Residents of Akron are  
to contact their city council representatives and inform them of the importance of public programming.
The Federal Government says "PEG programming is essential to our communities as an outlet for free speech, local information and opinions and emergency communications." Congressional hearings were held 9/17/08 to "help policymakers gain knowledge of what is necessary to protect this important programming".
FreedomJournal.Tv continues to air 5 times a week WCTV in Wadsworth. Schedule is available at the City of Wadsworth website
As a result of state video franchise agreements, public access programming is in jeopardy in several states. ABC news recently featured a story on public access tv in peril.
FreedomJournal.Tv is 100% viewer supported. Please help us remain on the air. Donations can made at to or sent to:
704 Copley Road
Akron OH 44320


FreedomJournal.Tv has spearheaded a federal lawsuit challenging local cable tv owners as well as the City of Akron to keep the cable tv network free for local producers. They have forced producers off the air who cannot afford their fee to play their shows so we have to raise money for the lawsuit that benefits both producers and the general viewing public!
We were denied the right to a jury trial in this case. The Federal lawsuit against Time Warner and the City of Akron was dismissed by a summary judgement in August 2007.  We filed for a rehearing but that request was denied. (31071 bytes) DL Time (40000 bps): < 1 minute

Rose talking to Don Mangan








Instructions to see video:  Click on movie link.  When new page opens click on Windows Media link on far left.  Box will open to allow you to download and view the files.


Rose Wilcher's update on her federal lawsuit:   [27MB]
While we have been busy trying to raise money for this litigation, Time Warner and AT&T have been making huge campaign donations to state officials to ensure the passage of SB117. SB117  eliminates  local government control of cable. SB117 eliminates all local franchise agreements and gives control of the cable industry to the state. Sb117 eliminates all PEG funding including studios. SB117 supportors claimed that it would bring competition and lower rates to Ohioans. PEG channels are grandfathered until 2012 or the expiration of the current franchise whichever comes FIRST. Without funding, it hard to say how long communities such as Wadsworth, Dayton, Cincinnatti with be able to operate. Time Warner has the option to take back any PEG channel that are not "substantially used".  Sb117 eliminates services such as free cable to senior citizen centers, classrooms and libraries,
Across the state of Ohio cities(including Dayton, Hudson, Cleveland,, Cincinnatti and Akron) passed resolutions against SB117.
Representatives from city councils and school boards across the state traveled to Columbus to testify in opposition to SB117.
In Texas, where similar legislation was passed, cable rates have increased.  Tennessee recently decided that a similar bill was not good for  the people of Tennessee.
Inspite of all this opposition, from mayors, city councils, and school boards, SB117 was passed and signed into law by Gov. Strickland 6/25/07. Strickland received over $60 thousand
in campaign contributions from AT&T and Time Warner.

Donate Today to help keep us on the air.

Please help FreedomJournal.Tv stay on the air! 
             Contact Rose to purchase videos from our extensive archives.
          Sponsor a video of your interest group and to be shown on public access cable tv in northeastern Ohio.
FreedomJournal.Tv is 100% viewer supported.
 We depend on viewers like you to keep us on the air.
Please add FREEDOMJOURNAL.Tv to your donation list
365 days a year we provide quality communtity service Tv programming
Our wish list includes:
      1) mini DV's for our camcorders
      2) DVD-R disks                               
         3) New blank VHS tapes                 
4) gift cards in any amout to
                                 Walgreens,Target, Best Buy, gas stations
          5) cash donations in any amount
Gifts can be sent to:
704 Copley Road
Akron OH 44320     
Contact us:  (330) 384-8904

Support FreedomJournal.Tv and buy AVON here!
Support FreedomJournal.Tv and buy AVON here!

Now you can support FreedomJournal.TV by purchasing AVON directly from Rose Wilcher!


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